Comfy-Cradle Comfy-Cradle

How to Use





Wrap & Wear

With a Velcro® strip at each end, the Comfy Cradle™ is easy to securely close. This allows you to simply slip it on and off of your arm. 


Support and Elevate

Research shows that when a baby is elevated, this aids in better digestion as well as help prevent reflux in infants. The Comfy Cradle™ feeding and support pillow helps elevate baby, so whether you nurse or bottle feed, your baby will be in the best position.


Comfort & Bonding

Comfy Cradle™ gently hugs your arm, relieves strain and pressure from baby held in your arms, and allows your elbow to rest comfortably in any chair or position. You and your baby will feel comfortable and closer, creating a stronger bond.

* Always hold baby securely in your arm. Do not hold baby with his or her face down or allow comfy cradle pillow near or over their face so they cannot breathe. * Never leave baby unattended with Comfy Cradle pillow. Never leave the Comfy Cradle Pillow in the crib with baby.