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About Us



The idea for the Comfy Cradle™ emerged out of a problem I was having when feeding and holding our  children.  I could not get the baby and I into a comfortable position during feedings and when holding them in my arms.  Their head and neck was not well supported and I felt a lot of pressure on my arms.  I tried blankets, bed pillows, nursing pillows….you name it, I tried it!   Nothing eliminated the problems I was experiencing.  So, I decided to make something for myself that would create a solution.  After much imagining, drawing, and a few prototypes, the Comfy Cradle was born!  


Comfy Cradle is a small pillow that wraps around your arm, closed with a Velcro strip and has a seam down the middle to allow it to bend at the elbow.  It creates a comfortable position for nursing, bottle feeding, and holding a baby.  Babys head is gently supported and it completely relieves any pressure on your arm.  It won’t move or shift, allowing baby to be cradled securely in your arms.

 I LOVE being a mom and sharing this product with other moms who I know are experiencing the same frustrations I had!

 I’m passionate about this product and know you will be too! May you and your little one be happy and comfortable with the Comfy Cradle™!